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Creating an identity can be tough sometimes, but it is worth every penny. With a similar ideology, we develop and design our apparel that not just fits you, but brings out the feminine character in you yet give a bold statement of your presence. Such a statement shall it be that indescribably describes your true persona.

Crafted with Care

All our articles are carefully crafted and handpicked to give you the best fit and comfort in their respective categories. Our teams have been diligently working towards creating an environment that mechanizes the workflow of this human intensive industry to create a system that gives your garment a personal touch. After all, It’s just that special touch we need to show how much we care for you.

Sustainable Materials

Some of our poly-Spandex fabric is made from 100% re-cycled Pet Bottles, thus reducing not just carbon footprint, but plastic footprint significantly and doing our bit for our mother Earth!!!
Why wait when you can be a part of the larger drive here by ordering of tights made from sustainable materials.

Certified Organics

Some of our cotton fabric is Organic Certified through various affiliate bodies. Right from growing to harvesting of highest quality of organic, non-treated cotton to the chemical free dyeing including bleaches, toxic waxes, Sulphur and other related heavy metals, our fabric has to go through numerous rigorous processes to be able to stand the test of time.
Thus, the garment that comes is truly sustainable to the very degree of its formation giving you the utmost comfort. Join us to be a part of the greater movement

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